Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Dream catch me♥

I thought I would do a blog post today because I haven't done one in a while, and I found these little pictures I had taken the other night of my makeup. Sometimes I feel like a day where I just wear a tinted moisturiser and maybe dab a bit of powder/bronser on top but then othertimes I feel 'It is time to try something new' so that is when I use foundation, powder/bronser, blush and then a very basic eye but... It is a simple natural look with a pop of colour on the lips to vamp up the whole makeup look.

  I hope you liked a few little pictures I managed to take of my makeup that I had wore that day.
  Barry M Lip Paint- Sunset 151. 

I had triple chocolate ice-cream and fresh strawberries, yummy scrummy! 

Thursday, 8 September 2011

A little haul♥

Hello little blog readers!
As some of you may know (and some may not) I love shopping so I thought I would take a few snapshots of what I bought, film a video and post it on here. Read away and comment/follow if you wish...

Did you like my little things I managed to find around primark?
Long acorn necklace- £2
Plain black leggings- £3
Cosy winter pyjamer bottoms- £5
Scallop collar top- £6
Horse and carraige 'square' scarf- £3
Brown Mocassins- £12

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Metallic madness♥

Yes, I know your probably thinking as your read this what a cheesy name but let's just be honest, I couldn't come up with a little name for a little blog post. I am typing this at 10.20 at night, and right before I get tucked up into bed into my new little fluffy pyjamer pants (collective items' blog post coming soon)... And then I realise those snapshots I had taken of a newly approached makeup look i did recently. I edited them because they were taken at night and then decided to upload them onto here just to tell you a little bit about what I used.

Simply created by using one eyeshadow.. what?
   Have you ever tried out the maybelline new york eye shadows? 
Beautiful! I have never tried out one of there eye shadows before but when I found this I didn't think I would be oo impressed, I thought this won't last for a long time because my eye makeup never does to be quite fair that may just be me but I was more then impressed. They have speckles of glitter in! At least the one I used anyway I think some of my little blog readers might have to try one out.

I used Eyestudio mono 'eye shadow' in 720 Iced Fudge, Marron Glace.

Friday, 19 August 2011

Summer shoot- Floral Feel♥

 I was just sitting around thinking that I can't do anymore blogging about another summer shoot  when I had only recently done one but i had the video anyway, so I figured I would. I will have to print screen photo's because I did not snapshot this one but I did make a video so that will as always be listed below if you would like to watch it.

It is the same lookbook that I have continued on from last time, it is including heeled brogues and different ways to style them. Please feel free to do a lookbook and post your link in the comment bar but try and maybe style trousers or a peice of statement jewellery. I thought I would style heeled brogues because I have not seen  anybody do one of those, and it is a bit different. Tell me what you think of it.

So they are a few little print screens of the second summer shoot, and you can most definetely dress this up and down so I just a little look through my wardrobe and just tried on some different outfits hope this helped!

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Treating yourself♥

Late blog- On tuesday, my sister was out, dad was working and basically it was just me and my mother in the house so we thought we would go out and have a mother and daughter afternoon (yes, very cliché) - but it's true. 

We thought we would go to a shopping centre near us and do some mooching about even though we hardly had no money. My mum said she would take me into the new costa (if you don't know, the coffee shop) and I was very happy!
After a mooch around in the shops, I saw boots and almost passed out because it is not a small shop. I knew I would not have the money for anything but it is fine to look around. I tested out a lot of makeup because I am devious like that and then my mum took me to (what we call) the smelly section or the smelly isle which is the isle in the shop which store all the bath or shower things that smell delish! ... and then I saw natural collection, ted baker, soap and glory, fcuk, all those lovely things and thought 'ey why not? This is what I bought...

 This is all the little goodies I picked up next to each other...

 Natural Collection Rosemary and Witchhazel Face mask- I have heard good things about this, hope they are all true!
 Dove Nourishing Body Wash- Lemongrass
Smells delish!
 Natural Collection Samphire and Sea Minerals Shower Cream
and again... Smells delish! 
 A set of 3 gorgeous candels that give off a vanilla scent...
and I think are so CUTE! 
... and seriously, who goes shopping without buying something sugary/chocolatey not me :)

Hope you liked this blog post, if you want me to go into more detail about anything then I may edit this after I've made a video and then post it so keep checking back!

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

When the webcam comes out...

♥ As some of you blogger reader's might have done, it is summer and you may have gone on holiday or been to visit family etc. and not seen your friends. Well that was me until I asked if my friend could come and visit. At first, I was a bit upset because I had an injury and wasn't able to walk for a while (it's going down now) but then I realised we would also have a lot of fun just in the house so we gave details etc. and long story short she was at my doorstep. We had planned to do some bits and bobs but from then on we actually stayed in my bedroom for a few hours and was very fun! 

When the camera comes out, photo's are taken and the strange-ness begins. 

I suggested getting the liquid liner out and started drawing whiskers and a little kitty nose on my face, then my best friend started to aswell and we thought we would take some photo's. MEOW! 

Summer shoot- Bring out the patterns♥

If you have got to this blog via my youtube channel then you will have seen this video on my channel, if you have watched the video then you can still read this but I thought I would do a blogpost about it aswell.

I have started a series on youtube and there might only be a few video's like that but It is a lookbook showing a few different outfits that you can create by wearing heeled brogues. I tend to lean to the more dressy-side using the brogues because I think heels are used more in the night and can make that outfit stand out just that bit more. Here are some pictures below or you can just watch the video at the bottom.

They are a few snapshots of the outfit, as you can see those heeled brogues just make the outfit a little more to the dressy-side and for me I would not on a day to day basis wear heels out and about.

I added the video below if you want to maybe see the jewellery or hear me go into more detail about the outfit and where the pieces of clothing are from.