Friday, 19 August 2011

Summer shoot- Floral Feel♥

 I was just sitting around thinking that I can't do anymore blogging about another summer shoot  when I had only recently done one but i had the video anyway, so I figured I would. I will have to print screen photo's because I did not snapshot this one but I did make a video so that will as always be listed below if you would like to watch it.

It is the same lookbook that I have continued on from last time, it is including heeled brogues and different ways to style them. Please feel free to do a lookbook and post your link in the comment bar but try and maybe style trousers or a peice of statement jewellery. I thought I would style heeled brogues because I have not seen  anybody do one of those, and it is a bit different. Tell me what you think of it.

So they are a few little print screens of the second summer shoot, and you can most definetely dress this up and down so I just a little look through my wardrobe and just tried on some different outfits hope this helped!

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  1. Really pretty outfit! I'm doing a blog swap soon, if you're interested? Check it out on my blog! :) xxx