Thursday, 18 August 2011

Treating yourself♥

Late blog- On tuesday, my sister was out, dad was working and basically it was just me and my mother in the house so we thought we would go out and have a mother and daughter afternoon (yes, very cliché) - but it's true. 

We thought we would go to a shopping centre near us and do some mooching about even though we hardly had no money. My mum said she would take me into the new costa (if you don't know, the coffee shop) and I was very happy!
After a mooch around in the shops, I saw boots and almost passed out because it is not a small shop. I knew I would not have the money for anything but it is fine to look around. I tested out a lot of makeup because I am devious like that and then my mum took me to (what we call) the smelly section or the smelly isle which is the isle in the shop which store all the bath or shower things that smell delish! ... and then I saw natural collection, ted baker, soap and glory, fcuk, all those lovely things and thought 'ey why not? This is what I bought...

 This is all the little goodies I picked up next to each other...

 Natural Collection Rosemary and Witchhazel Face mask- I have heard good things about this, hope they are all true!
 Dove Nourishing Body Wash- Lemongrass
Smells delish!
 Natural Collection Samphire and Sea Minerals Shower Cream
and again... Smells delish! 
 A set of 3 gorgeous candels that give off a vanilla scent...
and I think are so CUTE! 
... and seriously, who goes shopping without buying something sugary/chocolatey not me :)

Hope you liked this blog post, if you want me to go into more detail about anything then I may edit this after I've made a video and then post it so keep checking back!

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