Wednesday, 17 August 2011

When the webcam comes out...

♥ As some of you blogger reader's might have done, it is summer and you may have gone on holiday or been to visit family etc. and not seen your friends. Well that was me until I asked if my friend could come and visit. At first, I was a bit upset because I had an injury and wasn't able to walk for a while (it's going down now) but then I realised we would also have a lot of fun just in the house so we gave details etc. and long story short she was at my doorstep. We had planned to do some bits and bobs but from then on we actually stayed in my bedroom for a few hours and was very fun! 

When the camera comes out, photo's are taken and the strange-ness begins. 

I suggested getting the liquid liner out and started drawing whiskers and a little kitty nose on my face, then my best friend started to aswell and we thought we would take some photo's. MEOW! 

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