Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Summer shoot- Bring out the patterns♥

If you have got to this blog via my youtube channel then you will have seen this video on my channel, if you have watched the video then you can still read this but I thought I would do a blogpost about it aswell.

I have started a series on youtube and there might only be a few video's like that but It is a lookbook showing a few different outfits that you can create by wearing heeled brogues. I tend to lean to the more dressy-side using the brogues because I think heels are used more in the night and can make that outfit stand out just that bit more. Here are some pictures below or you can just watch the video at the bottom.

They are a few snapshots of the outfit, as you can see those heeled brogues just make the outfit a little more to the dressy-side and for me I would not on a day to day basis wear heels out and about.

I added the video below if you want to maybe see the jewellery or hear me go into more detail about the outfit and where the pieces of clothing are from. 

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